Creating Innovations

Creating Innovations

Companies ask the Practice for Bold Thinking  to work with their teams to create ideas for breakthrough innovations

  • an off-shore gas drilling company has to reduce its costs dramatically;
  • a company wants to develop a radical new concept for a body scanner at airports;
  • a seaport wants some disruptive ideas to streamline port operations;
  • a technology company wants innovative ideas for developing apps.

Lack of ideas and red tape

Research shows that the greatest barrier to companies being innovative is for 35 % a lack of ideas and for another 15 % red tape bureaucracy. They rely on a handful creative but ill adapted employees or passively wait for innovations to emerge out of the blue.

However, there is no need to take a shower, go for a walk or retreat to a Zen cloister to get ideas.
Nowadays there are powerful tools to design ideas at will at the moment you want.

Systematic thinking tools

Ideas for innovation can be deliberately constructed. That´s what we do with expert teams in companies that want to innovate.

We do not the thinking ourselves, but we give thinking instructions, like a driving instructor. For that, we use world renowned tools that drive teams “out of the box”  like lateral thinking by professor the Bono and the Russian Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ). Each one is tried and tested, applied by millions of people and by all major companies worldwide.

It is awe-inspiring to see when it  happens that a team comes up with a real breakthrough idea, and for us, it is nearly addictive. And we guarantee at least three ideas that could outperform their competitors.

How we work with teams and using thinking tools we can demonstrate you in under 5 minutes webseminar on the basis of this quiet unusual book.

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It is all about deliberately constructing ideas in a systematic and logical way.

Serious about innovation in your company?

If you want to be serious about innovation in your company, and willing to challenge the authorities in your market, invite us for a free ideation session.