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How we proceed

If you invite us for a meeting, we will start by sending you a questionnaire.

Because we like to come well prepared.

Your answers will give us a preliminary impression of your situation. And an idea of the thinking techniques that may be the most beneficial in your situation.

We will then pay you a visit, which will never be for more than three hours. We will use this time with you to further refine our image of your situation and we will start familiarizing you with the thinking techniques we have in mind.

And right the next day, we will send you a great package:

  • A visual representation of your thinking situation
  • The results of the thinking techniques that we have applied.
  • Your thinking calendar for the coming months.
  • An invitation to your own virtual surgery on our site.

And we will indicate whether we are sufficiently expert at the thinking technique you require or whether we will call on the international network of smart thinkers.

A thinking calendar! What is that?

Clear thinking starts with a good focus.

This is the purpose of the thinking calendar. The thinking calendar contains all the topics and situations that we will deal with. And where you think to achieve something with thinking.

We position these topics in time (calendar), classify them into themes and associate them with the most beneficial thinking techniques.

 Our international network of smart thinkers

What if you would benefit the most from the techniques that we have not mastered in detail

There is a whole range of different thinking techniques. And naturally, nobody can be equally expert in all the techniques. And that includes us. We do understand the possible applications for all the different techniques and we have a thorough and detailed command of a number of basic techniques.

But what if you would benefit the most from one of the techniques that we have not mastered in detail? Don’t worry. We will then consult with you and call in the assistance of our international network of experts, each one of which is a specialist in a particular thinking technique.

Or – and this can be quite refreshing – we invite idea people from outside your area of expertise. They will frequently help you to take that extra step, outside the accepted framework.
Because nobody is waiting for more of the same.

Our Virtual Surgery

A workshop is not always sufficient to achieve a good thinking result.

You are therefore always very welcome in our virtual surgery. This is where we will continue our relationship until we both feel that our thinking has achieved a result. Together we can continue to develop ideas and concepts, each in own time, without having to travel or make an appointment.

Thinking tools are mounted on the wall that you can use as much as you like. There are also templates which make it easy for you to document the results of your thinking work. You can also use a selection of software.


We guarantee that after two days working with your team we will have at least generated three breakthrough ideas.

Ideas that escapes from standard routine thinking and you have not had before. If not, we will continue a full year to work with you for free till we have success.