Brunelleschi Workshop

Brunelleschi workshop for executives (2 ½ days)

Brunelleschi workshop for Executives

Once every two years, the Practice for Bold Thinking organizes the Brunelleschi workshop on innovation in Florence designed for executives responsible for innovation within their companies.

The purpose of the Brunelleschi workshop is to produce a clear policy paper on innovation in which the company management expresses not only their commitment to innovation, but also documents the areas in which the company wishes to pursue innovation, and the role of innovation within the corporate policy.

The Concept

The basic ideas behind the Brunelleschi workshop for executives are:

  • The transition from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance – and especially the role of Brunelleschi in this turbulent time – can form the basis of our thinking about innovation today.
  • Innovation should be as organized as any other work process in a company, such as book keeping, quality assurance or human resources.
  • A useful model is the 7-S model of Mc Kinsey, which uses seven interdependent Key Factors, all of which require attention.
  • Depending on the nature of the company and its surroundings, companies face different choices regarding innovation in each factor.

In the workshop, participants will work out these choices for their companies and go home with a policy paper.


The workshop will be held from Thursday 1 to the morning of the following Sunday


The Brunelleschi workshop for Executives will be facilitated by Gijs J. van Beeck Calkoen (MSc), owner of the Practice of Bold Thinking. Gijs studied electronics and business administration and his thesis concerned the relation between strategy and organizational development.


To help us understand the needs and requirements of participants on the workshop we would like to receive in advance of registering by e-mail

· Your name
· Your company’s name
· Your job description
· The challenge you face regarding innovation

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