Innovation Centre

Innovation Centre

Companies and government bodies that wish to take innovation seriously will set up an innovation Centre.

The purpose of an Innovation Centre is the structural encouragement of innovation within the company. Among the entire workforce.

The tasks of an innovation centre are to:

  • Encourage idea generation among the personnel.
  • Set up formal structures for idea generation, concept development and evaluation.
  • Provide facilitators and process managers.
  • Organise seminars, meetings and exhibitions.
  • Recruit Process Champions and concepts within the company for promising ideas. Process Champions are ‘idea protectors’ that function at a high level within the company.

Many internal Innovation Centres wrestle with their role in relation to the existing departments. After an Innovation Centre has been established, it sometimes appears as if the rest of the organisation then loses interest in innovation. There are also frequent delimitation problems.

The Practice for Bold Thinking can take on the task of Innovation Centre for your company.