System Innovation Workshop

System innovation (2 days)

The purpose of the System Innovation workshop is to map out the new ideal marketing system that would be created by a new product or service, or a different methodology.

An System Innovation workshop is also used by the Practice for Bold Thinking to investigate the opportunities for innovation in a cluster of companies or sectors.

A characteristic of a system innovation is that none of the parties is able to implement the innovation on their own. Cooperation from other companies will be required to pay for the costs or spread the risk, because the rules of the market will change. A System Innovation workshop will be held with participating companies that will be affected by the innovation.

The new ideal situation will be mapped out, literally. We use See Map, a visual thinking technique, to perform the Investigation.

The System Innovation Investigation will be continued remotely in our virtual surgery for as long as is necessary to sufficiently clarify the effects of the system innovation to the parties.

Play another game than your competitor by a System Innovation