Lateral Thinking

Lateral Thinking

Make a resolute break with your traditional thinking patterns

Lateral thinking is thinking sideways, at right angles to the straight forward thinking of logical reasoning. Out of the box thinking.

Our brain is a self-organizing information processing system. in which information is ordered in patterns. Lateral thinking strives to circumvent these thinking patterns. There is nothing mystical about this, you can learn to do it – and it is fun! Lateral thinking enables you to consciously design ‘what could be’.

These techniques, which were created by Edward de Bono in 1980, are used in every company of world renown.

Lateral thinking techniques include: Creative hit list, Concept fan, Creative Task Sheet, Challenge, Provocation, Random Entry and Checklist Current Thinking.

The Practice for Bold Thinking uses lateral thinking techniques to steer innovative policy processes and for making organizations more innovative.