Six Thinking Hats

The Six Thinking Hats

Make group thinking faster and more efficient.

The value of this lies not simply in its individual application, but primarily in thinking ‘together’ in groups.

Brain workers think alternately using one of the six thinking methods, each of which is represented by a coloured hat.

Instead of exchanging sequential arguments, the thinkers look simultaneously into different aspects of a situation.

This technique makes meetings three times shorter and they produce three times more results.
The six thinking hats were developed by Edward de Bono in the eighties. The technique is used by executives in the largest companies in the world as well as by 4-year old toddlers.

The Practice for Bold Thinking often uses the six thinking hats technique during the initial familiarisation with the client’s situation. They also use this technique when developing policy innovations and during idea workshops in which several tens of people participate simultaneously.