Social Issues

View that social issue from the other side for a change

social-issues-at-workYou are responsible for a social issue. Your employees still focus too little attention on changes in society.
Interactive policy making does not yet lead to fundamentally new solutions.You have had disappointing experiences with brainstorming. It didn’t produce the results you had expected. It didn’t actually produce anything.

Or you suffer from too many innovative insights.An excess of ideas, concepts and fresh approaches. And they all contain something that could be of exceptional value.
You use all the prognoses and trend extrapolations you can find and you outline scenarios.

Despite this, at times you can’t help feeling that your view of the future is too much of an extension of the past. You would also like to be able to think about unexpected changes in trend.

And then there are all the long term, or lingering, social issues. You have long since become accustomed to the fact that they are to an increasing extend not being resolved using ‘more of the same’ measures. You would like to develop a genuinely innovative policy.

We can help you with thinking techniques that break with the standard pattern of thinking about social issues.

We can help you design innovative policy. With Philosophical inquiry techniques , with thinking techniques from the CoRT programme, with Lateral thinking and with Systems dynamics.